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Issue 1  |  July 27, 2022

Carlisle Fluid Technologies is committed to providing Distributors with product obsolescence for end user discussions and spare parts planning. The purpose of this new communication is to provide Distributors updates throughout the entire obsolescence process. It is the distributors' responsibility to notify end users of any obsolescence of product or spare parts status.

Overview of Obsolescence Process

There are many changes in a product’s life cycle as it moves through the stages from introduction to end of availability:

Obsoleted top assembly spare parts are typically supported for 1-2 years, dependent upon spare part demand.

When spare parts move into this stage of the product’s life, it is in the support or pending obsolescence mode. The natural progression for parts in this support/pending obsolescence mode is for spare part sales to diminish over time. With each year of the spare parts support/pending obsolescence status, spare part sales will continue to decline, and cost continually rises based on low usage, and demand diminishes and the vendor will no longer support the parts. Throughout this stage, pricing will be reviewed and price may increase to support the lower quantities.

In summary:
Step 1:   Top assembly is moved to Obsolete
Step 2:   Spare parts for the top assembly are moved to Support/Pending Obsolescence
Step 3:   Spare parts are moved to final obsolescence


AGMD Automatic Guns

DeVilbiss AGMD Automatic Gun top assemblies have been pending obsolete for the past few years. Effective immediately, all top assemblies are now obsolete. A cross reference of top assembly offerings for the DeVilbiss AGMD Pro Automatic Gun Series can be found by clicking the link below.  The remaining spare parts, specific to the AGMD gun, excluding the AGMD Pro, will be available until July 31st, 2023, or until demand and inventory have depleted.

Top Assembly Cross Reference | AGMD to AGMD Pro
Service Parts Availability | AGMD

AA1600M & AA4400M Manual Guns

Binks AA1600M & AA4400M top assemblies have moved to pending obsolete. Top Assemblies will be available until October 31st, 2022, and spare parts will be available through October 31st, 2024, or until demand and inventory have depleted. Please click on the links below for a complete list of top assembly and service parts affected.

Starting September 2nd, 2022, orders for any MX Pump Packages, including AA1600M/AA4400M gun assemblies, will be converted to equivalent pump packages which contain Trophy AA gun assemblies. Note current MX pump configurators already include options for Trophy AA gun models on configurations designed for air-assisted airless atomization.

Top Assembly Cross Reference | AA1600M & AA4400M
Service Parts Cross Reference | AA1600M & AA4400M


Advance HD Manual Guns Replaces Compact Full-Size Manual Guns

Carlisle Fluid Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the DeVilbiss Advance HD spray gun range suitable for all industrial spray applications in the Americas Market. The DeVilbiss Advance HD spray guns are available in pressure, suction, gravity material feed models along with a wide range of air cap technologies. The Advance HD provides exceptional and proven atomization for popular industrial coatings such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, and composite substrates with most types of solvent, waterborne, high solids, and 2K materials. This mid-size gun has available configurations utilizing Conventional, Trans-Tech (LVMP), and HVLP atomization technologies, all on a more ergonomic fit and feel handle.

With the launch of the DeVilbiss Advance HD gun, we will be discontinuing the Compact full-size manual offering once current supplies are depleted. The Compact full-size manual applicator will be superseded by the Advanced HD Gun which shares equivalent atomization performance with common front-end components.  


Outside the fluid needles and minor service parts, most Compact components, including all of the air caps and fluid nozzles, are shared part numbers between the two applicator platforms. Unique spare parts for the Compact full-size applicator will be supported until October 31st, 2024 or until demand and inventory have depleted. 

Please Note: The manual Compact Mini Gun will continue to be available.

Please click on the links below to download valuable tools:

Advance HD Intro & Compact Rationalization Overview
Pricing Sheet | Advance HD
Service Parts Cross Reference | Compact to Advance HD
Top Assembly Cross Reference | Compact to Advance HD
Remaining Top Assembly Inventory | Compact
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